Age Restricted Items

MilitaryMart is a responsible seller of bladed items and other age restricted item.  For years we have verified the ages of persons purchasing any age restricted items.

Online Orders

Below is the process we use to verify the age of a buyer of an age restricted item.

1. Automated email sent requesting ID to be forwarded to us once age related item purchased.

2. Electoral register checked for verification.

3. If not already verified, we will send a 2nd email for age related ID to be sent followed by a telephone call.

* every parcel that contains an age restricted item will be marked for delivery to a person over 18 only.

If we can not verify a persons age we will NOT send the item until we can sucessfully verify.

Shop Sales

For items that are not covered by the RFD (firearms) we keep a local register of every knife, axe and any other age related item we sell.  The register contains the item bought, buyers name, address and age.