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British Army Combat Application Tourniquet

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The Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T™) is a true one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes arterial and venous blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant haemorrhage.

Combat Application Tourniquets are one of the simplest ways to stem blood flow from a limb in an emergency,
and are now on widespread issue most troops on active deployments.

The C-A-T uses a windlass system with a free moving internal band to provide true circumferential pressure to the extremity.
Once tightened and bleeding has stopped, the windlass is locked in place.

A Velcro© strap is then applied for further securing of the windlass during casualty evacuation.


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Special Brew crew - 05/07/2018
Tourniquet: CAT

MM delivery was quick - no complaints from me. The item is in good condition and as written in the advert, has been issued but hopefully not used!
Good quality and well made for those who haven't seen one before.
I did not buy a new one from another supplier as this item will hopefully never be used and so I have saved a few pennies in buying this.
I have put together my own first aid kit and while this item is probably too extreme for a standard first aid kit, it is good to know I have one for worst case scenarios. Easy to use and does the job, just like in training!

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