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British Army Issue General service mk7 Helmet

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Product Code: BRIQG4NI652687

Features / Spec:

  • Helmet of the British Armed Forces. Officially known as the GS (General Service) Mark 7 combat helmet.
  • The MK7 helmet offers the superior ballistic protection to the Mk6 helmet.
  • The new Design allows a soldier to lie prone and shoot straight, allowing greater head manouverability.
  • The Mk 7 helmet is lighter than its predecessor – 1 kg instead of 1.5 kg for the Mark 6 helmet
  • Imporved Chin strapping for stability
  • Colour: Tan,
  • Adopted for use in Afghanistan.
  • Ballistic protection (measured with V50): 650 m/s. approx
  • Includes MTP Cover
  • Imporved Helmet liner system as to the Mk6
  • Issued - Cover may varie slightly to picture

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