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Czech Bed Roll Spare Linen Sleeping Liner

£2.99inc. VAT
Product Code: CZEFPKPX902707

Czech Army Bedroll Spare Blanket


Features / Spec:

1 x Linen Sleeping bag liner - Extra Linen liner to improve the efficiency of the bed roll. Just tie this extra liner to your bed roll to retain extra warmth in your bed roll



Why not Customise your Czech army bed Roll with the extra linen sleeping liner to improve this popular sleeping system...

Available in issued & unissued



Overall Rating

4.0 / 5 from 3 reviews
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ferret - 22/06/2018
Could't be better..

I have 2 Czech blanket sleeping bags that these are designed for (love 'em), but at this price they make superb any sleeping bag liner with a little sewing.
So I got two spares that I use in my Arctic 90 bag....

Better...and cheaper than just about anything.

As supplied...superb condition

ferret - 24/04/2018
linen liner

Stonking quality.
If you don't already have one of the Czech sleeping bags this belongs to, its a 6' x 5' approx. piece of very strong yet soft linen with all sort of uses? For pence....

Rob - 22/01/2018
Spare Liner Added in to the bed roll

I purchased the spare liner with the view to adding it into the bed roll on top of the one already there thus giving another layer to the system. Liner arrived quickly (along with other items) and seems in good condition. I can be a bit tight on some of the buttons (with the original blanket and liner already in) but careful easing allows the liner to share the same buttons. Not tested it outside in earnest (sleep out coming soon) but it does seem to add extra warmth. Saves trying to slip in a separate sleeping bag liner.

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