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Polish Army SWAG Sleeping Mat type 11 - Fibre

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Product Code: PRE0002748

Polish Army SWAG Sleeping Mat

These mats are the newer model sleep mat, they are made form heavy cotton/canvas and are very comfortable.

Ideal to use in a hammock as they are extremley thermal too.

Come with a sleeve at the rear that can be used to place your sleepbag in when rolling up.

Make your own Swag Bedroll

3/4 length

These mats have a fibre filling, see separate product for the down filled version



* note that these items have previously been treated with mothballs and will usually need airing prior to use

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MOA Airsofter - 31/01/2019
Very happy with Polish swag

use my swag most saturdays in work, I've used it with a thermarest inserted and its ace, like others have said it smells a bit of mothballs but once aired and fabreezed its fine, robust and well made, not for lightweight campers or bushcrafters this swag is bulky but for the money its spot on,

- 17/04/2018
Good quality

Yes it did smell a bit but I hung it out on the washing line for a day and gave it a good spray of febreze and that seemed to take care of any odours

ferret - 27/01/2018
Polish bedroll/swag/palliasse

At the time i bought mine, it was too cheap to ignore!
Personally believe that the slot at the back, which is very convenient for a SIM, would have been originally for stuffing straw or similar therein, as it is thinly padded?

In itself, stout cotton, thinly padded (I don't know what mine is padded with), but nice with a SIM if not back packing.

Mine arrived, smelling badly of diesel oil, eventually I gave up and washed it, which has understandably made the stuffing, such as it is go lumpy. Matters not.
Has a handy pillow on one end.

Use it a lot canoe camping. Makes bedding down a bit more snug!

Stag Bushcraft - 13/01/2018
Polish Army SWAG Sleeping Mat type 11

Looks like a great peace of kit in ace condition can’t wait to use it in my polish

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