Swedish Army Huge Canvas Storage Sack / Baker Tent


Swedish Army Huge Canvas Storage Sack / Baker Tent

Strange one this, even we aren't certain what this is but we know it comes from the Swedish Army. It appears to be a very very large heavy duty storage bag which we think would be great modified as a baker tent by using it upside down. We set it up as best we could in the yard but you get the idea.

It is made from heavy duty canvas with 4mm thick leather straps. As a storage bag it could hold a huge heap of bedding or maybe as a makeshift baker tent it could sleep one person underneath. It is beautifully made. On the 'roof' there are 2 leather points which could be used as tie outs to elevate it and keep water from collecting on it.


The approximate dimensions are:

Length 226cm

side flaps 112cm

Front flap 66cm

Width 76cm

Back flap 142cm

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