Stormsure Outdoor Clothing Repair Kit


1 x Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive 5g Tube

1 x Stormsure Tuff Tape Self Adhesive Repair Strip 15cm

2 x Tuff Tape Self Adhesive Patches 75mm

1 x Protective Gloves


Repair kit for waterproof coats, jackets and breathable fabrics. Enables you to make either instant repairs on the fly or a permanent repairs when you have some time.


For instant repairs to punctures and splits on generally flat surfaces, clean the surface and apply a TUFF Tape patch or strip directly onto the damage. Rub with a smooth, hard object to ensure best adhesion and least air under the patch.

For damage in awkward or hard to reach areas, clean the damaged are (sand for best results) and apply Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive directly onto the damage, leaving a 5mm excess overlapping around it. Leave flat and allow to cure for 10-12 hours.


Mix with Stormcure Accelerator to reduce cure time to approximately 1 hour. Ensure there is no air left in the tube before replacing cap. Store partly used tubes in a freezer.

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