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Genuine swedish army issue

small stuff bag or for your carving tools etc

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ferret - 10/06/2019
brilliant little bag at the price......

…...but would love a bigger version!,
When flat, as per another review here, they are 7" x 7" measured to the ties...
Made of a heavy cotton, and useful for all your little odds and sods, smaller pegs, etc.
Too small for small pans/pots though.....

MM had them posted on same day and they were in excellent condition (as new).

BB - 27/02/2019
Well made pouch!

Received a brand new, dark olive-green bag complete with original issued stickers in Swedish: "M7838-491931-2 Blodytrycksmaet 3 MT." Translates to a supposed serial number and "blood pressure smart," so somethings lost in translation. Printed in faint ink on the bag itself is "Fodral (or case) F 12." Tre Kronor printed inside.

The pouch is 7.5x11" while the securing string is attached 2.5" below the top, giving you about a 7.5x7.5" case. It's not big enough to store carving tools as suggested by MM, but I didn't intend to use it that way. Great for organized access to daily use stuff I keep in my pack.

Really well made complete with that nostalgic surplus smell!

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