Select image to view: Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas

Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack Canvas

£15.00inc. VAT
Product Code: SWEPIHB8382319

Swedish army Lk35 by haglofs distributed by militarymart for bushcraft and survival


 Many Thanks To Northwest Bushcraft For allowing us to use their video....Follow the link to view their site

  • Olive Green
  • Canvas
  • Identity tag on hood
  • Durable external metal frame
  • fully adjustable low impact shoulder straps
  • External loading shelf
  • Removale pack - allows you to carry firewood, radio, water / fuel can, accesories etc
  • Adjustable metal 'ladderlock' strap system - No fussing around with brittle pastic buckl!es
  • easy access field tool carrying loop - Carry field tools/accesories
  • 'Freefloating' back system - allows air to circulate between your pack & you back for improved breathability
  • Broad webbing buffer pads for ultimate comfort!
  • Authentic classic bag
  • Exclusively designed for the swedish army
  • Manufactured by Haglofs 
  • Pack size: 35 L
  • Grade A+: Will have minor use and is the best grade we have. May have very slight marks
  • Grade A: Used, and may have slight repairs, marks or writing present. Frame may have rust present.
  • Grade B: Damage present and will need fettling prior to use

Why not customise your Lk35 with The swedish army webbing pouches and give your LK some additional space (shading may vary from bag - we will do our best to match to your pack)

Please be aware the video above is an independant video review of the Lk35. This is not a description of condition, grade, etc

Frame caps may not be present on all grades



Overall Rating

4.0 / 5 from 14 reviews
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Jono - 08/04/2019
Brilliant Rucksack!

Just received today and what can I say, it does the job! I just love the quality, smell and history. Yes there are a few scuffs, a bit of rust on the frame and an amazing patch repair on the front but that just adds to it!

Very pleased & looking forward to using it!

AJ - 21/02/2019
Excellent Ruck

LK-35 rucks are my favourite, and way under-rated. They are solid, comfortable and cost efficient. MilitaryMartUK posted mine extremely quickly, and was not expecting it to make it's way to the US in 10 days time. Quality product and superfast delivery. Hats off to these guys... Well Done !

I'm Not Lost I'm Exploring - 11/01/2019
My go-to bag

I love my LK35, it is a solid bit of kit and designed to strap the bulky stuff on the outside. I ordered mine and it arrived in 2 days, I'm sure it was un issued as it looked brand new. I must recomend if you intend to use it for carrying a heavy load... get the waist strap too, it will make the world of difference.
Great pack
A must have for any woodland camping

Hinch - 15/07/2018
Excellent Rucksack

I ordered the grade A rucksack and was very happy to find that it was in excellent condition. Only minor chips on the paint of the frame and the pack itself was very clean. My only complaint is that I never received any tracking information. I live in Colorado, USA and it took about 3 weeks to get here.

Nick in the Algarve - 23/05/2018

Just received 2 of these packs (ones a present). Both A+ at £29 each. Both in great condition but obviously issued. No holes , marks or rust (except for the remnants of a sticky label glue). All the straps, buckles etc in good condition. Classic musty smell but that will pass( Stamp inside says 1984 so probably been in storage a while). Feel I could take it now, fill with kit and take off.
Service from Military Mart excellent, delivered in the UK about 3 days.
At £29 quid it's a solid bit of kit and well worth the money and that's exactly what I'm going to tell the wife when she asks me why the f*** have I bought another pack...……….Wish me luck.

Gordon - 02/05/2018
Simple and fantastic

Thanks to Military Mart a buschcraft icon has landed in Italy. A really fantastic backpack, the photos and videos that are on the web do not give good idea of ??how wonderful and above all comfortable is this backpack . Even if used its conditions are perfect, it seems new. Thanks a lot.

mtwba - 14/03/2018
Good old faithful carry

I have the second graded bag, so was lucky to find that the only work involved maintenance of small areas of rust on the frame to remove and respray over black so with some overspray the frame has a Camo effect by accident. The cavernous opening on the 35 litre version includes a back pocket on the inside for maps or quick access items and it really can hold a lot with good packing. The cordura material is strong and long lasting and waterproof with a tight buckled lid to stop water ingress. The frame and straps offer much versatility in packing an external sleeping bag or mat and blanket and the loop in the centre is a nice touch to sling an axe if you so desire. The LK35 Swedish army ruck sack is a tried and proven piece of kit over many years and is still going strong today, top dog.

Sonda - 12/03/2018
Good Old Style

I purchased an A Grade . It is as used as expected with as to me fascinating signs of wear and tear. Some stitches here and there and it's ready to go for years of hard use. Good overall conditions and best value for money.

piza305 - 12/03/2018
Great price, fast shipping, great quality

I just got this the other day and I'm pretty damn impressed. It took less than a week to ship to the West coast of the US, and the quality is superb.

Andrew - 08/03/2018
Brilliant Bushcraft / survival/ 'bug out' bag!

Top quality at an affordable price. There is no compromise of quality anywhere to be seen on this pack, even the buckles are metal and not cheap plastic like you see on most modern packs.

No clips or moving parts to wear down over time, everything holds together by friction

It's a simple 'bucket' style pack with one compartment allowing you room to pack exactly how you want without constrictions.

Made from fairly thick canvas it has hydrophobic qualities, rain water will bounce off of it and the overhanging flap of a lid ensures that water will not enter the pack, simple and effective. The inside of the pack appears to be lined by some sort of rubberized material also.

Frame is also very robust and the pack is removable off of the frame to allow you to tie and carry other things with the frame. I imagine the Swedish military used the frame to carry ammunition cases, but can be used to carry firewood or any other items.

The only negative I have found is that there is no handle, but it would be easy to attach a strap onto the frame without touching the canvas itself.

Overall, I believe that there is no better pack for the price and it will withstand years of hard wear and tear if not a life time.

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