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French Army F1 Tent

£29.99inc. VAT
  • Genuine Army Surplus
  • Poly Cotton material
  • complete with aluminium poles (polish)
  • Grade A condition

French Army 2 Man Tent

These are the Polycotton version of the tent which is single skin. 

Now complete with compatable poles, Pegs, cord (for guy ropes) and bag

Grade A - Used

Overall Rating

4.0 / 5 from 8 reviews
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- 05/04/2019
Bang for buck - brilliant.

I bought one for my wee 8 year old squaddie as it looked right in size and weight. I pitched it and got in it. I went straight back and bought one for myself. The canvas smell certainly invokes memories of my youth and service. It's strong and well made. I had to lash up some guylines and chopped a few temporary pegs and that was it. I put the wee fella in it and turned the hosepipe on and there didn't seem to be anything coming through the obvious places but will treat it anyway. Both tents will be used under a tarp anyway. The bit I like is that it rolls up within my old service PP valise/bedroll, which then goes inside the tent when pitched. If you are thinking about buying.. stop...just buy it. As someone else said they won't be there forever especially at this price and I'm trying hard to stop myself from getting a third one. This company seems to be absolutely excellent to deal with. Shipping was almost instant and for me reputation of a seller is everything.

ferret - 02/03/2019
Updating.... last review; having Fabsil'd the tent, it's a blinder.
Perfectly rainproof, nicely put together, loads of space for one and kit.
Packs to the size of a shoe box and weighs very little considering, a couple of kgs? Perfect for the back pack if you prefer cotton. (I do)
Unhesitatingly recommended for the money.

ferret - 22/01/2019
French cotton pump tent

Exactly as described by MM, lightweight cotton canvas, will need a tarp or at least Fabsil I should think in really bad weather, lightweight water proof tray g/sheet, all in good clean condition with one small repair in groundsheet, and a bit of sand and a fag end in the tent, so yes , used. That apart you wouldn't think so. Tent unmarked. Short a few pegs, but that's not a issue.
Lovely little pup tent, 3 foot high, no not a metre, and 6foot 6 inches, yes 2 metres....just? by about 4 foot?
I think the lavvu for more serious stuff, but we'll see with this in the summer.
Looks and smells great, quite light. but again great value,...
Looking forward to trying it.
Beware, if you want cotton, most sold elsewhere are polyester...….

out in the wild - 13/01/2019
french army f1 tent

not many of these left now.worth buying a spare.easily better than the dutch army one and cheaper too

Granty - 18/09/2018
Great product. Excellent price.

This is a fab little tent. Lots of room for one and a decent amount for two plus a bit of kit (but not too much mind!). I've a good mind to try a low height camping bed as I think this would work adequately.

Good quality cotton keeps a decent level of light out and there are velcro sealed vents along the length of both sides at the base.

Mine came with a mixture of poles- some which were clearly from a polish laavu (I've got a few of those) but they worked a treat anyway.

No guy lines with mine, although its stated on the website that this could be the case (it only took a minute or two to fashion enough from a bit of paracord), and someone had kindly put in a pack of aluminium pegs as an extra.

Can't wait to use this with my little lad in the spring.

Well worth the money paid for it.

Seer - 23/06/2018
Canvas tent

As ex spec forces bloke, I can recommend
this item 100% with clear conscience.
Are there better tents. SURE. But for price, excellent seller, their outstanding service
no hesitation, I stand behind personal RECOMMENDATION, of this company and product. BEWARE of musty old storage smell, need airing in good sunlight about a week, LOL! Wish rainproof basha above, unbeatable deal for 4 seasons. Hooyah! Take it or leave my advise. Buy your win. Do not buy your loss. No brainier mates. !

Pops56 - 12/06/2018
French army F1tent

Great tent won’t bore people with the details plenty of reviews on line this tent was in excellent condition as described, sevice and delivery was excellent.would recommend this site and will use again thanks.

Paul - 22/01/2018
French Army Tent

this is a top quality tent at a really good price, the tent arrive really fast packed in plastic bag, Inside the tent was in its canvas bag neatly packed the poles are in there own bags as well all pegs and guy line were there and the tent was clean and free from holes all in all a great buy.

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