Get the look this Halloween with our Army Surplus clothing and equipment!

Are you tired of sifting through endless options for the perfect Halloween costume?

Look no further! We've curated three unique, realistic outfits using high-quality army surplus clothes and equipment that won't break the bank and will help you to stand out from the usual witches and vampires. Our products aren't just for show - they're built to last, making them perfect for your outdoor adventures long after Halloween is over. Moreover, you won't have to worry about spending your money on a novelty low quality costume as our products are the real deal. Read on to take a look at the costume ideas we have put together.



Step into the shoes of an elite fighter pilot with our Top Gun-inspired Maverick costume. This carefully crafted ensemble captures the essence of high-flying action and military precision, ensuring you'll be the centre of attention at any Halloween gathering. Embrace the simplicity of this outfit and revel in the effectiveness of your commanding presence.

Top Gun Halloween DIY Outfit

Start with our Dutch Army Issue Overalls as your base from just £9.99 and pair with the Mesh Backed Operators Cap in black (£7.99). Finish off the look with a pair of practical boots such as the Pathfinder Patrol Boots (29.99). This ensemble is as practical as it is stylish, making it the perfect low-cost Halloween costume. For an authentic Top Gun touch add your favourite pair of aviator sunglasses and you are set to soar into the night!



Gear up for the ultimate Halloween mission with this battle soldier-inspired outfit, that has been created with authentic army surplus clothing. This outfit guarantees you'll not only look the part but also be prepared for any unexpected twists the party may throw your way. Featuring a full camo combination, you might expect to blend into your surroundings, but the truth is, you'll be the undeniable focal point of the event.

Battle Soldier DIY Halloween Outfit

Take a pick of our British military jackets and trousers to create your ideal look. We have chosen the British Army DPM 85 Pattern Combat Smock for just £12.50 and the British Army Soldier 95 Trousers - Grade A for £15. Why not add our British Army Issue Kevlar MTP Camo Vest Cover (£7.50) and the British Army Issue DPM Camo Kevlar Helmet Cover (£3.50) to create a more genuine look. Finally add some boots such as the Half Leather Half Nylon Patrol Boots (£34.99) to finish off your halloween attire.



Step into the desolate world of the post-apocalypse with a realistic Halloween outfit. This costume means you'll not only look the part but also be prepared for the harsh realities of a world in ruins. With this outfit, you'll exude gritty realism and be ready for any Halloween mission in the wasteland.

Equip yourself with our Russian GP5 Gas mask (£6), offering both a striking visual and an air of mystery. Its design evokes a sense of preparedness for the unknown just like in your anticipation for a Halloween party. Add some survival inspired clothing such as the French F2 Olive Jacket (£15) and some US Black BDU style trousers - Miltec (£17.50) to add to your look. Why not also add one of our Swedish M51 Gas Mask shoulder bags (£5) to carry your gas mask or even to store some of your Halloween party essentials!


Therefore this Halloween consider Military Mart for your military inspired costumes and you can be sure that your outfit will be striking, sustainable, authentic and of excellent quality as you chose military surplus clothing and accessories for your costume. Better still, as our products are so versatile you can continue to use them for other events in your life such as adventurous camping trips or a rugged expedition!

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