Vehicle / Surplus Hire has a extensive catalogue of vehicles and other surplus items  avaliable for hire.

We have the means to transport and would provide drivers and erectors etc

Please find below list of items avaliable

Vehicles / Trailers

Man HX60 (2010) 4x4 either canvas back, flat back, box back

Foden 1978 6x6 FH70 with 155mm Howitzer

Berliet 6x6 wrecker

Renault Maxter g300 ex British RAF 1990s

Ex Us army 6x6 reo whistler

Leyland Daf T244 x 4 either with canvas rear, flat or box

Bedford OY canvas rear

Green goddess (green or NI yellow) choice of 5

Land Rover Wolf 90 hard top for soft top

land rover 110 tinhonus hard top

Austin Gypsy 

Ex AFS Bedford RL canvas rear

French / Us army Cagiva 350 choice of 2

Ex British army armstromg mt500 choice of 2

WW11 and post war jeeps

M998 Hmmwv (ex us humvee) 

Unimog canvas rear

RB44 with radio cabin rear

Gaz 66 ex russian truck box rear

Gama Goat ex us army Vietnam era

King drops trailer x 2

BDR trailer

Humvee drash trailer

Rapier missle trailer

variety of sankey/penman/arrows trailers

polish field kitchen x 2

NL field kitchen x 2


Tents and misc

Polish teepee 2 man tents

Hungarian 2 man teepee tents

French army 2 man tents

British 9x9 command tents

British 12x12 tents

swedish Mess tents

Swedish teepee tents

british 4 man arctic tents

festival tents variety of sizes and styles

camping chairs 8000 avaliable

Ex British Blankets 

sleeping bags variety of styles


personal equipment

 Films and TV our gear has appeared in



BBC Survivors


plus loads more