Swedish Army Trangia French Onion Soup by Alan Bolger

Camp Cooking
French Onion Soup and Garlic bread
This is one of my favourites, it makes enough for 2 people, although personally, it's so nice I could eat it all to myself.
I used my old Swedish Army Trangia, but its exactly the same procedure if it's done on a stove or on a campfire.
The quantity below makes approx 1L (2 pints)
French Onion Soup
2 or 3 Large Onions - chopped
3 or 4 Vegetable Oxo Cubes (bullion cubes)
3 x Garlic cloves - chopped or pressed
Margarine or Butter (to fry the onions)
1 pint (500ml) Water approx
Black Pepper
For the Garlic bread
Slices of Bread
Margarine or Butter
Garlic chopped
Parsley - chopped (optional, but really nice)
To make the French Onion Soup
Fry the chopped Onions and the Garlic in butter until the Onions are golden brown.
In a seperate pot make up a very strong stock with the 3 Oxo cubes (Bullion cubes) and add the Black Pepper, stir until dissolved.
Then add the fried onions to the stock and stir. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 15 - 20 minutes, stiring occasionally. Then serve.
To make the Garlic Bread
Put some Butter or Margarine (Butter is nicer) in the frying pan with the garlic, then sprinkle both sides with chopped Parsley, turning occasionally until the bread has slightly browned, it only takes a few minutes on each side

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