Top 5 Must-Have Military Surplus Items for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Military surplus clothing and accessories can receive a new lease of life by those inclined to outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or those who just enjoy spending time outdoors. 

Even if you’ve never served in the military or armed forces you can still reap the benefits of their tools, clothing and travel gear. These items have been specially designed to withstand the high impact, non-stop training and field duty of a soldier; meaning they can be easily transferred to use as camping or hiking equipment with no worry over their quality or ability to withstand the elements. 

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, these specially picked military surplus items may be just what you’re looking for and with summer just around the corner, there’s just enough time to get in the essentials for your family camping trip or solo weekend hiking expedition.

1. Polish Army Dome Tent - £49.99 

This genuine ex-army two man tent is a must have for a weekend campout in the woods. A three hole tent made from high-quality canvas in the signature army green, this lavvu teepee will provide you with the authentic outdoor experience while still blending into your surroundings. 

The lavvu tent is highly versatile; having originated from the Samu people, it is designed for a quick set up and a quick getaway while still surviving harsh conditions, like tundra winds- meaning it is ideal for any camping trip.

2. Dutch 3-in-1 Camo Goretex Parka - £35.00

This genuine surplus Dutch Army parka is perfect for intense outdoor expeditions and is highly customisable. The layered design keeps you warm in harsh conditions but allows you to adjust to any weather with each layer being removable. The jacket consists of three layers, a pile liner, a Gore Tex liner and a cotton out layer in DPM camo. Gore Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric which means this jacket is perfect for outdoor activities on the wetter side and while also providing comfort and style.

3. Primus Litech Cooking Set - £39.99

This aluminium cooking set comes with a detachable handle that allows the kit to be packed away quickly and efficiently into small spaces. The surface of hard anodised aluminium is harder than the surface of stainless steel and 5 times as hard as traditional aluminium, resulting in fewer scratches and dents. These lightweight yet durable Primus Litech pots are built to last longer.


4. Camp Fire Kettle - £15.00

Along with pots and pans, a kettle is another campfire essential to complete your mess kit. This stainless steel kettle is suitable for open fires meaning you can use it for cooking, sterilisation and of course a good strong cuppa. Not only can they be used for a whole host of reasons, you can also choose your capacity, from 1L, 2L or 2.7L. So whether you’re cooking for a whole squad, or a solo mission, then the perfect kettle is available for you.

5. German Army Mountain Boots - £45.00

The last item on our list is by no means the least. The experience of every outdoor exploit comes down to the shoes you decide to wear. Take a hint from the soldiers themselves with these patrol boots. Built to withstand the long and arduous hikes and campouts of army assignments and stakeouts.

These genuine issue german military boots have three-layers of Gore-Tex membrane with a sturdy Vibram sole. Featuring a 2-zone lacing system and strong robust black leather uppers with bump toe and heel, these boots are comfortable, stylish and will protect your most valuable assets in the outdoors.

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