Upcycling Military Surplus: A sustainable choice for outdoor enthusiasts

In our journey towards building a more sustainable world, it is crucial to explore innovative ways to reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact. Upcycling military surplus presents a unique opportunity to breathe new life into discarded materials, fostering sustainability, creativity, and resourcefulness. The concept of upcycling military surplus is an intriguing one but it can be a highly sustainable choice with far-reaching benefits.


male hands sewing scraps of leather on a workshop bench surrounded by rustic materials


Understanding Upcycling and Military Surplus

Upcycling is the process of transforming discarded or unused items into products of higher value and quality. It is different from recycling as it involves repurposing materials without breaking them down completely. Instead of adding to the ever-growing waste stream, upcycling encourages the reuse of existing resources, thereby reducing the demand for new production and minimising environmental impact.


Salvaged military pots

Military surplus refers to equipment, clothing, and materials that are no longer actively used by armed forces. These items include uniforms, tents, boots, bags and more. Here at military mart, rather than letting them gather dust in storage facilities or disposing of them in landfills, we give you the option to utilise these surplus materials in a sustainable and creative way.


Pile of khaki green military clothing


The Benefits of Upcycling Military Surplus

Waste Reduction: By upcycling military surplus, we divert these items from landfills, where they would otherwise contribute to environmental pollution. Upcycling not only decreases waste, but also conserves the energy and resources that would have been required for new manufacturing processes.


Huge landfill full of rubbish and discarded clothes with a yellow digger


Preservation of History and Heritage: Military surplus often carries a rich history, representing significant events and the people involved. Upcycling these materials allows us to honour and preserve that history, turning them into unique and meaningful products that pay homage to the past.

black and white shot of three wartime soldier aiming a gun across a field

Promotes Resourcefulness and Creativity: Upcycling military surplus encourages resourcefulness and creativity by challenging individuals to think outside the box. Designers and artisans can transform surplus items into innovative and aesthetically pleasing products, showcasing the hidden potential in what might have been seen as discarded materials.

US Army camouflage jacket spread open with two large bullets placed on top

Social Impact: Upcycling military surplus can have positive social impacts as well. It can provide employment opportunities for local artisans and craftspeople, especially in areas with a strong military presence. Additionally, upcycled products often have a unique story and appeal, attracting consumers who appreciate the eco-friendly aspect and the social impact of supporting local communities.

Artisan craftsperson cutting into a piece of fabric next to a vintage sewing machine

How You Can Upcycle Military Surplus

Fashion and Accessories: Military surplus has many fashionable options, we have a wide selection of military jackets from across the world as well as a huge variety of accessories to choose from. From tents, canvas bags and old military uniforms, these items offer options for both functionality and a distinct sense of style.

Female soldier balancing off obstacle course Female with war paint and camouflage outfit sitting in warehouse

Home Decor and Furniture: Tents, canvas, and other surplus materials can find new life as upholstery, cushions, or even as the framework for unique furniture pieces. By repurposing military surplus, we can create conversation-starting items that bring a touch of history and sustainability into our homes.


Close up of army tent tucked away in carry bag with three crown army stampOutdoor enthusiast wearing camouflage face mask and jacket

Outdoor Gear and Sports Equipment: Our military surplus includes durable and rugged, army grade materials perfect for outdoor activities. Including camping gear, backpacks and storm straps, enjoy the great outdoors while reducing waste.

Man stands smiling in forest wearing grey military jacket and surrounded by other outdoor enthusiasts and tentsTwo airsoft players stand back to back in army uniforms and full face helmets

By repurposing discarded materials, we reduce waste, preserve history, promote resourcefulness, and contribute to local communities. From fashion and accessories to home decor and outdoor gear, the possibilities for upcycling military surplus are vast and exciting. By embracing this creative approach, we can foster a more sustainable future while honouring the past.


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