Neck Cooling Scarf


Neck Cooling Scarf khaki (packed)

A simple but highly effective body cooling product that works by evaporation.

You've got to wear one to really experience and then understand what it can do for you in uncomfortable hot weather conditions

Emerge completely in clean water for approximately 15-25 minutes allows the polycrystals to absorb and retain a large volume of water.

When worn, the retained water evaporates and draws away body heat creating a cooling effect.

The "Cooling" effect is increased by refrigeration. (but not required to still be highly effective)

Keep on reusing the Scarf day in day out, each evening when it cools down rinse off in clean water and allow to reabsorb any water that has evaporated and you're good to go again!!!!!

NATO approved: NSN-8415-99-498-8961

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