Reindeer Pelt Hide Skin


Our reindeer rugs have imported from Norway were the sami nomadic people herd reindeer for food and the pelts are simply a byproduct.

Our reindeer rugs come in three different sizes - XX large, X large and large.

We have also have Large Pelts that have been treated and impregnated with a waterproofer on the leather side. 

Reindeer pelts have luxurious deep pile hide which provides a great insulated layer.

Due to the nature of their hair, are prone to some shedding, but we try to ensure that shedding is kept to a minimal by buying the pelts at the right time of year.

Great as a hammock under insulated layer or even on the ground.

To prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle you can periodically spray your reindeer hide with the fine mist setting of a water spray bottle. This will help prevent hair breakage and over-drying of the hide, although the purpose is not to soak the hide, rather just cover it with a fine mist.

XXLarge 160cm and above

XLarge 140cm to 160cm

Large upto 140cm

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