Swedish Army Forest Patrol Tent - 8 Person - Unissued


Swedish Army Forest Patrol Tent - 8 Person

8 Person if you are friendly, but easily a spacious 5 person with room for a wood stove.

These tents are decades old, as you will see the one pictured is from 1978. The tents are unissued but may have storage marks.

What comes with the tent!

1. Outer Canvas - Heavy duty ripstop canvas with stove jack and multiple guy loops

2. Inner Tent - cotton lining not erected in picture, provides a thermal air gap for the tent for use in colder climates. but does not have to be used.

3. roll of cord. To be honest you will probably need more that what comes with the tent

The tent doesn't come with poles as it is designed for use in the forest and using branches etc for centre and exterior poles. 

This tent is designed to be used by a Swedish patrol in the woodland that covers Sweden, they don't actually come with poles or pegs with the idea to use what's available in the woodland to use as poles.

They weight is approx 8kg and are so easy to erect and takedown.

The doorway on the tent is made by canvas expanders allowing you to use brush handles or similar to prop the door open. The closure is via a hook and loop as pictured.

The canvas has guy loops (not all used in pictures) which would allow the tent to be pulled at approximately 60cm above the ground to provide more open space and a tighter canvas.

The inner tent is cotton and comes with a reinforced top hat and ties to attach to the outer canvas

The height is approx 1.5m and diameter is 4m approx. Door way opening should be around 1.1m high and the parameter approx 0.6m

The tent can be hung from a tree with the top hat loop as pictured but ensure loop can take the tension placed upon it from the guy ropes.

The reinforced stove jack is permanently open and the vents at the peak of the tent can be opened via reinforced canvas that buttons in place or closed via a cord puller on the inside.

All in all we love these tents and are now putting one away for personal use.

*please note the tent does not come with a stove or centre pole

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