Swedish Type Tent Wood Burning Stove


Carbon Steel construction and cast iron door

New and unused

Technical data:
Pack size/body: 30,5 x 47 x 23 cm (without packaging)
Leg length: 19 cm
Pipe length: 196 cm
Pipe diameter: 8,7 cm
Wall thickness pipe 1,4 mm
Weight: 19,5 kg

Scope of delivery:
- fire box
- 4 feet
- pipe sockets
- stove pipe end piece
- 4 stove pipe sections
- 12 screws
- poker
- embers scratches

- tent stove for operation in fireproof tents with opening, tipis, yurts or outdoors
- stove door 
- body can be used to heat food
- components are supplied in the fire box
- please read the operating instructions before assembling/commissioning
- required hex key M6 (not included in scope of delivery)

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